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Carrot juice

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Juice made from the finest vegetables for you to enjoy all its flavour.

Why drink our CARROT JUICE DIET-Rádisson?

• Made from carefully selected carrots to offer the very best juice available.
• Carrots have exceptionally high levels of vitamin A and carotines that help the skin to bronze naturally protecting it from the sun’s rays.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Although breakfast is essential for providing the energy we need to start the day, only 13.4% of the population above the age of one have a complete breakfast. It’s time we set about getting new eating habits and enjoying a good breakfast could be the best place to start. Our juices, nectars and musts DIET Rádisson, which offer a wide choice of flavours, are a good breakfast option: ORANGE, PINEAPPLE, GRAPEFRUIT, CARROT, PEACH, PEAR, GREEN GRAPES, RED GRAPES, AND APPLE.