Bread and cakes

Corn country bread


Real Farmhouse Corn Breadcakes go with all kinds of food and all your gluten-free sandwiches.


· Are made from corn, so have no gluten and are suitable for Celiac Disease sufferers; they are monitored by the Spanish Federation of Celiac Sufferer Associations (FACE).
· Contain no milk or eggs.
· Eat them straight from the pack or warm them up in the oven for that freshly baked aroma and flavour.
· Packed in protective atmosphere to keep them fresher, longer.
· You can freeze them and keep them for up to six months.

PACKAGING: 210g PACKET (2 breadcakes)

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Watch the bread! By bread in bakeries supervised by celiac sufferers associations or choose bread monitored by FACE, like our CORN COUNTRY BREAD DIET Rádisson. Buying bread in bakeries that use wheat bread means risking contamination.