Gluten free

Corn flour


A high quality, finely stone-ground corn flour made from selected corn for use in gluten-free cooking or for a different texture and flavour.

CORN FLOUR DIET Rádisson is:

• Made only of corn and is totally gluten-free, suitable for celiac disease sufferers and is monitored by the Spanish Federation of Celiac Sufferer Associations (FACE).
• Made from NON genetically modified corn.
• Ground in a stone mill keeping all the cereal’s properties for making the best sauces or batters or delicious cakes and pastries.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Precaution is needed when buying corn flour; if other flours are ground at the same mill, the corn flour may be contaminated by them.

We monitor our CORN FLOUR DIET Rádisson to ensure there is no gluten in the grain, production process or finished product to guarantee a gluten-free, quality product.