Cereals, seeds and fruits

Fruits muesli with wheat germ and quinoa

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Enjoy all the flavour of this high quality muesli –a delicious, balanced combination of cereals, fruit and quinoa.

• Made of oats, wheat and corn, with 30% fruit (raisins, banana, apple and coconut), pumpkin seeds, nuts (almonds), wheat germ (3%) and crunchy quinoa (3%). A complete breakfast for all the family.
• With high fibre content, (7,3%).
• Wheat germ provides vitamin E.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Too often our frenetic lifestyle doesn’t leave us time to think about our diet properly. Small changes in habit such as always breakfasting at home can help us improve our breakfasts by choosing the most suitable foods for starting the day.

We propose the following energy filled and balanced breakfast:

1 piece of fruit or a glass of natural fruit juice (200 ml), and 30-40 g of FRUITS MUESLI WITH WHEAT GERM AND QUINOA DIET Rádisson with semi-skimmed milk (200ml), cereal drink or fruit juice, if you didn’t have one before. You can also have it with fresh white cheese. If you like, you can add a spoonful of whole brown cane sugar or honey. Delicious!