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Grapefruit juice


Juice made from the finest fruit for you to enjoy all its flavour.

Why drink our GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DIET-Rádisson?

• The juiciest, most flavourful grapefruit are selected to provide the very best juice.
• It is an outstanding citrus fruit with a very high vitamin C and contains minerals such as potassium and calcium.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Although breakfast is essential for providing the energy we need to start the day, only 13.4% of the population above the age of one have a complete breakfast. It’s time we set about getting new eating habits and enjoying a good breakfast could be the best place to start. Our juices, nectars and musts DIET Rádisson, which offer a wide choice of flavours, are a good breakfast option: ORANGE, PINEAPPLE, GRAPEFRUIT, CARROT, PEACH, PEAR, GREEN GRAPES, RED GRAPES, AND APPLE.