Gluten free

Gluten free chickpea flour


This flour comes from chickpeas carefully ground to preserve the properties of this nutritious pulse.

Very popular in some regions, its use is becoming widespread due to the multiple uses of chickpeas. The flour is used to make non-fermented breads, delicious hummus, batter or bread, as a thickener, as a substitute for eggs, for example in spanish potato omelettes…


-It has a high protein content and provides a lot of fiber.

-It is gluten-free and suitable for celiacs. The absence of gluten is analytically controlled and is certified by the European License System (ELS) with the symbol of the Crossed Spike.

-It is ideal for vegans, athletes and those who want to reduce carbohydrate intake and increase protein.

-It has a very low sodium content.


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To prepare a delicious vegan potato omelette, we can substitute the egg by mixing chickpea flour with water until it has a consistency similar to that of an egg and proceed as we usually do.


Another tasty application is the making of hummus.


100 g chickpea flour

600 ml of water

20 ml of lemon juice

30g unroasted sesame seeds

50 ml of extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 clove garlic

Half a teaspoon of sweet or hot paprika



Put the water on the fire and when it boils, add the chickpea flour, lower the heat and cook, stirring non-stop for 5 minutes.

Let the preparation cool down and put it in the blender glass along with the rest of the ingredients.

We beat well so that it is a homogeneous paste and it only remains to present it in a bowl with some sesame seeds and a little paprika as decoration. Eat cold.