Bread and cakes

Mini corn cakes

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Delicious and light small corn cakes that are also suitable for celiac people. Ideal for taking as snack at any time and in diets low in calories and for weight control.


• They are produced with puffed corn, resulting in a very lightweight and easy to digest product.
• They are very thin and weigh very little, which makes them ideal for low calorie diets and weight control.
• They only contain 7 kcal per cake.
• Corn is a naturally gluten-free cereal, so they are suitable for celiac people.
• They are controlled by FACE (Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations)
• They have a low fat and low saturated fat content.
• They are suitable for vegans.
• The product is not fried.
• Made without preservatives or colouring.

PRESENTATION: 50g bag (approximately 27 cakes).

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Mini Corn Cakes are ideal for eating between meals and as a replacement for bread for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. As they are made with corn, they do not contain gluten and are suitable for celiac people. They are delicious alone or in combination with other foods like a canapé.

If they lose their crispiness, heat them briefly in the oven or microwave and will again be as if freshly made.