Bread and cakes

Organic mini corn cakes with chia and flax seeds

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As a truly healthy and BIO snack, these mini cakes are a light and wholesome alternative to traditional snacks.


Chia seeds and flaxseed are super seeds that stand out due to their high amounts of fibre, protein and Omega-3 fatty acids.


The main features of these mini cakes are:

  • They are an organic product made from organically grown ingredients. No chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides were used to obtain them.
  • They are not fried, and they are both light and easily digested.
  • Each cake only contains 7 kcal.
  • They are ideal for low-calorie and weight control diets.
  • They are low in fat and saturated fat.
  • They are gluten-free, as corn is a naturally gluten-free cereal, and the seeds do not contain gluten either. The lack of gluten is guaranteed by the ELS (European License System) with the crossed grain symbol that appears on the packaging.
  • They are suitable for vegans.
  • They are free from preservatives and colourings.


PACKAGING: 50g  bag (approximately 27 cakes).

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Whenever you feel an irrepressible urge to snack between meals, is there any better option than to enjoy a snack than a healthy, low-calorie snack to satisfy your craving? Our mini corn cakes with flaxseed and chia are undoubtedly the best choice.