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Oat flakes


Tasty, nutritive oat flakes that help you maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Try OAT FLAKES DIET Rádisson and enjoy all their excellent properties:

• They are a good source of energy and an ideal breakfast for all the family, especially for young people, people who play lots of sport and do physical work.
• They’re easy to digest.
• They are a source of beta glucan soluble fibre; three spoonfuls of oat flakes (40 g) give you 1.5 g of beta glycan. (3 g of beta glycan a day help to keep your cholesterol levels down to normal levels.)


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Did you know oats are one of the cereals most highly valued for their nutritional content. Oats are among the richest in carbohydrates, proteins and fats and provide minerals essential for the organism to work properly.

Take full advantage of oats’ beneficial properties and OAT FLAKES DIET Rádisson, for breakfast with milk, yoghurt or juice; if you prefer, you can use them in broths or instead of pasta in soups.