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Oat morenitas

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A novel variant of our traditional Wholemeal Morenitas. Enjoy the crunchy texture and delicate flavour of delicious, new Pagesa OAT MORENITAS cookies that will help curb your appetite as you care for your health.

The Pagesa OAT MORENITAS are made of:

• Flour and oat bran, so they have a high fibre-content —especially soluble fibres— and are rich in beta-glucans.
• Non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and no trans fats.
• Whole brown cane sugar that, unlike white or refined sugar, keeps all its nutritional properties and provides minerals and vitamins.
• Low in salt content.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

The 3 g of beta-glucans present in oats, helps you maintain normal cholesterol levels. A single biscuit contains 0.9 g of beta-glucan, which is 30% of the daily quantity necessary to obtain this benefit. Also, because they are high in fibre, oatmeal cookies are assimilated more slowly than refined grains, so they help you control your appetite for longer, plus help regulate intestinal transit. They are an ideal alternative for those who for various reasons have removed wheat from their diet.
Their crisp texture and fun flower shape make them a very popular snack for little kids. They are suitable for vegetarians.