Biscuits and cakes


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Light and delicious, these LITTLE PALMS leaf shaped flaky pastries are high in fibre but contain no added sugar to help you keep your sugar intake down.

To make them even healthier, LITTLE PALMS DIET Rádisson:

• Have no added sugar; as a sugar substitute, we use lactitol, a low Glycaemic Index sweetener, which not only provides 40% fewer calories, but is more suitable for diabetes sufferers, providing intake is controlled.
• Are high in fibre (8%) and helps you reach your recommended daily intake of 20–30 g.
• Contain no hydrogenated or trans fats.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

When eating carbohydrate foods, blood glucose levels increase and then decrease. This is known as the glycaemic response. Eating foods with lower gycaemic index means carbohydrates are digested more slowly and sugar is absorbed more gradually; this in turn means energy levels are replaced in a more gradual manner.

Our LITTLE PALMS DIET Rádisson are a healthy option, because they contain a sweetener with a low glycaemic index thus better controlling glucose levels and because they are rich in fibre, which slows down the rate of sugar absorption.

If you suffer from diabetes, Three LITTLE PALMS DIET Rádisson make about a 10 g ration of carbohydrates.