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Royal jelly 1000


A natural dietary supplement made from fresh royal jelly.

Why take our ROYAL JELLY DIET-Rádisson?

• Its amino acid, mineral (phosphorous, copper, iron) group B vitamins, vitamins E, A, PP and folic acid all make it a perfect supplement for maintaining physical and mental equilibrium. It provides energy and vitality in periods of fatigue and convalescence and improves physical and intellectual performance.
• The new STICK-DISPENSER is practical and safe. It’s easy to open and offers better protection for conserving all the product’s properties until consumption.
• Each STICK contains 1,000 mg of fresh Royal Jelly.

PACKAGING: 100 ml BOX (10 STICKS OF 10 ml)

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Royal Jelly is a natural substance produced by worker bees to feed the larvae and the queen bee throughout her life.. The queen bee’s special diet gives her a remarkably different life cycle, far greater activity and size and a life up to 40 times longer than other bees.These differences have all related Royal Jelly to growth, vitality and renovation.

To get the full nutritional benefits from Royal Jelly we recommend taking one STICK of ROYAL JELLY 1000 DIET Rádisson every morning before breakfast, either alone or with fruit juice, milk, water, and so on…