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Royal jelly with ginseng


A natural dietary supplement made from fresh royal jelly and ginseng.


• Royal Jelly is highly appreciated for its content of amino acids, mineral (phosphorous, copper, iron) group B vitamins, vitamins E, A, PP and folic acid. This supplement is perfect for restoring our physical and mental balance in times of fatigue or during convalescence and it is beneficial for physical and intellectual performance.
• We have added Ginseng’s actions to Royal Jelly’s therapeutic properties. Ginseng has traditionally been used as a tonic and revitalising agent and is ideal when facing times of intense physical or mental activity.
• It is enriched with vitamin C and provides 100% of your recommended daily intake.
• The new STICK-DISPENSER is practical and safe. It’s easy to open and offers better protection for conserving all the product’s properties until consumption.

PACKAGING: 100 ml BOX (10 STICKS OF 10 ml)

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When you need that extra bit of energy try our JROYAL JELLY WITH GINSENG DIET Rádisson. One STICK a day before breakfast willhelp you start the day with more energy and vitality.