Gluten free

Spaghetti corn pasta

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Corn Spirals for pasta lovers on a gluten-free diet.


• Are delicious and have a unique flavour and texture because they are made from corn flour.
• Contain no gluten and are analysed to ensure they are suitable for celiac disease sufferers.
• Made from NON genetically modified corn.
• Low sodium content.
• For perfect cooking, heat 1 litre of water for every 100 g of pasta and add salt. Put the pasta in when the water boils and cook till done. Drain and enjoy with your favourite sauce.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Do you fancy a pasta salad? Here’s an idea.
Ingredients for 4 people:
250 g of SPAGHETTI CORN PASTA DIET Rádisson, 1 large apple, 150 g of feta cheese, 200 g of sliced, boned chicken breast , 1 handful of walnuts , 1 handful of raisins, oregano, 1 laurel leaf.
For the vinaigrette: 5 spoonfuls of olive oil, 1 spoonful of mustard, (gluten-free brand), 1 spoonful of honey, salt.

Fry the chicken strips in a pan, season with salt and pepper, and oregano to taste. Peel and dice the apple. Put the apple, diced feta cheese, walnuts, raisins and cooked chicken in a serving dish. Boil the pasta with the laurel leaf, drain, cool and add to the other ingredients. Prepare the vinaigrette in a bowl by pouring in the oil, mustard, a little salt and stirring until smooth. Toss the salad and vinaigrette. Serve.