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Strawberry marmalade


A strawberry marmalade made using the most carefully selected strawberries.


• Traditionally made using 60% fruit giving an authentic natural marmalade without preservatives or colouring.
• Made with fructose (fruit sugar) they contain no sucrose (common sugar). Fructose is assimilated more slowly than sucrose without causing a sharp increase in glucose levels, thus contributing to a better control of glucose levels. Also, because it is sweeter than ordinary sugar, less quantity is needed and therefore fewer calories are added.
• Our marmalade is suitable for people controlling their ordinary sugar intake as well as people suffering from diabetes or excess weight.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

A balanced, complete breakfast is basic for providing the energy we need after the nightly fast. Cereals (bread, flakes, biscuits), dairy products (milk, yoghurt, curds) and fruit (whole, juices, shakes) are all essential in a healthy breakfast.
A healthy diet can also include other foods to make it more appetising such as our marmalade DIET Rádisson that provide fruit and come in a variety of flavours: STRWBERRY, PEACH, APRICOT, WILD FRUITS, PLUMS, BITTER ORANGE, APPLE, AND PINEAPPLE.