Sweeteners and seasoning

Sweetener 60 sachets


Aspartame and dextrose based, low-calorie sweetener to enjoy.

Discover the benefits of SWEETENER 60 SACHETS DIET Rádisson:

• Made with aspartame for sweetness but with 90% fewer calories than ordinary sugar.
• Comes in handy individual sachets ideal for taking with you everywhere.
• Each sachet sweetens as much as a spoonful of ordinary sugar (sucrose) and provides 3.6 kcal instead of 36 kcal.
• It is suitable for people with diabetes.
• The product retains its sweetness when heated in the microwave; if you are heating the dish by other means, we recommend adding our sweetener at the end, as prolonged heat reduces its sweetness.


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Always carry some with you! One sachet of SWEETENER 60 SACHETS DIET Rádisson is enough to sweeten your coffee, hot drink or juice.