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Torinis with chia and sesame

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Wholemeal Torinis Whith chia and sesame DIET Rádisson are delicious and nutritious breadsticks, ideal as a snack, to accompany any meal or as a nutritious alternative to bread.

Wholegrarin TORINIS WHITH CHIA AND SESAME DIET RÁDISSON have been made with:

• Wholemeal flour, sesame and chia, which is high in fibre, minerals, and unsaturated oils.
• With virgin olive oil, the base of our Mediterranean diet, and one of the most heart-healthy oils.
• Free from colourings and preservatives

PACKAGING: Pack of 50g

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Chia is a seed that is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, antioxidants and minerals, which provide these breadsticks with great nutritional richness. 50g of these TORINIS provide you with between 40% and 60% of the daily recommended intake of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Both sesame and Chia provide unsaturated oils, which together with the olive oil make these breadsticks a heart-healthy food. Due to their high fibre content (8.5%), 50g of Torinis provide you with 20% of the recommended daily intake of daily fibre, helping you to regulate your digestive system and control your sugar levels.