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Light quinoa and rice toast

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The new light rice and quinoa toast is an excellent choice for your daily diet, offering optimum digestibility with minimum caloric intake.

Quinoa is an Andean pseudo-cereal rich in flavor and with high protein, mineral and vitamin content.

What are the main characteristics of this toast?
* They are gluten-free, suitable for gluten intolerant people and are certified by FACE (Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations).
* Light (19 kcal per toast)
* Low fat and sugar content
* No milk or egg
* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
* No artificial colors or preservatives

Combining rice and quinoa makes this light and nutritious toast.

PACKAGING: 100 g Pack

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

You can eat them as a light snack. If you prefer a crunchy “bite”, just add hummus, cottage cheese, tuna fish or whatever your taste buds tell you!