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Light organic buckwheat crackers

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These crackers contain buckwheat, or Saracen wheat, which despite its name has no relation to wheat. It does not contain gluten and has a very complete protein composition. In addition, all its ingredients are products of controlled Organic Farming, grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. No colourings, no preservatives, only with ingredients that respect our environment.
 Ideal for low-calorie and weight control diets. 17 kcal per cracker.
 Its proteins contain all the essential amino acids that our body needs.
 Organic product (its ingredients are products of Organic Farming).
 Low fat content.
 No gluten.
 Low sugar content.
 Suitable for vegetarians.
 No preservatives or colourings.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

These crackers are delicious as a snack, had alone at any time, as a base for preparing sandwiches, filling them with whatever you like most, and also for sweet or salty canapes.
You can combine the Buckwheat Cracker with Hummus or Babaganoush—the contrast in flavours makes it a delicious and very special combination that will surprise your friends and family.

They’re an ideal substitute for bread.
If they lose their crunch, heat them in the over or microwave and they will go back to being as if recently made. Store in a cool, dry place, closing the packet well once open.