Bread and cakes

Unsalted wholemeal rice cakes

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Crispy delicious salt-free whole biological rice cakes –a light, healthy pleasure at any time. UNSALTED WHOLEMEAL RICE CAKES:

• They are very light, digestible, with very low fat content; each one only contains 27 kcal, so watching your weight is a pleasure.

• They have no fat at all to help keep your diet healthy.

• They are made of whole rice with all its fibre, vitamins and minerals.

• They are suitable for gluten-free diets and are certified by the Spanish Federation of Celiac Sufferer Associations (FACE).

• 0% cholesterol.

• They are suitable for vegetarians.

• They contain no colouring or preservatives.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Remember that nutrition experts recommend eating more whole cereals containing all their natural germ and bran, rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, reducing saturated fats and moderating your salt intake.