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A high-protein vegetable preparation based on soya and wheat gluten is an excellent substitute for meat.

Discover the benefits of VIANDINA DIET Rádisson:

• Made with soya and gluten whose high-quality proteins contain amino acids essential to a healthy diet.
• 100% vegetable for a more balanced low saturated fat and cholesterol diet.
• A good source of fibre.
• Contain no hydrogenated or trans fats.
• Suitable for vegetarians.

VIANDINA instead of meat. Enjoy! PACKAGING: 300g TIN

Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Try our VIANDINA DIET Rádisson as it is or cook it to taste and benefit from the numerous advantages of eating more vegetable proteins.
To start using VIANDINA in your diet, we suggest you make a tasty pasta dish accompanied by bolognese sauce using