Biscuits and cakes

Wholemeal biscuits

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A delicious, crunchy, high-fibre (7.5%) biscuit.

WHOLEMEAL BISCUITS DIET Rádisson are made with:

• Fibre-rich wholemeal wheat flour.
• Whole brown cane sugar that, unlike white or refined sugar, keeps all its nutritional properties and provides minerals and vitamins.
• With low saturated and high unsaturated fats, they provide 10.8% oleic acid.
• Folic acid or vitamin B9 (50% DRI).
• Low sodium content.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Among other benefits, dietary fibre is recognised as improving intestinal transit and helping regulate appetite, thus helping you keep your weight down. That’s why you need a lot of fibre in your daily diet.

Remember that fruit, vegetables, whole cereals and pulses are all good sources of fibre. Our WHOLEMEAL BISCUITS DIET Rádisson are rich in fibre and help you maintain a healthy diet.

Our biscuits are ideal for breakfast, a mid-morning snack and for tea. Any time is right for eating fibre. Enjoy!