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Wholemeal morenitas

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Crunchy and delicious WHOLEMEAL MORENITAS DIET Rádisson are rich in fibre to ease intestinal transit, helping calm your appetite.

WHOLEMEAL MORENITAS DIET Rádisson are made of:

• Wholemeal flour that provides plenty of fibre (5.3%).
• Whole sugar that, unlike white or refined sugar, keeps all its nutritional properties and provides minerals and vitamins.
• Made with non-hydrogenated fats.
• No salt.


Our advice Flavourfull healthy eating

Whole cereals, provide more fibre than refined cereals, are digested more slowly and provide the energy you need for your daily activities. When you need to recover your strength WHOLEMEAL MORENITAS DIET Rádisson are a tasty treat at any time and children love their fun flower shape.